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Careers in Communication

There are far too many careers in communication and communication-related fields to list them all here. In fact, can you think of any well-paid, meaningful profession that does not require some sophisticated level of communication – written, spoken, interpersonal, or mediated? Can you imagine success in graduate school (regardless of discipline) that does not ask you to write, speak, and interact with others at a high level? Here, then, are some examples of communication and communication-related careers to which Bryant students typically gravitate.

The Communication Department offers a variety of courses to help students in their careers. They also regularly schedule a number of ever-changing special topics courses to augment our permanent offerings, and there are always directed studies and internship classes that you can tailor very specifically to your personal career and educational needs. Finally, in addition to the business administration minor, communication majors also take another four-course minor to further enhance their career-oriented course of study. Our faculty can help you choose what's right for you.

Click a career and check out the communication courses that help you prepare for it.

Careers in advertisingsuch as advertising or marketing specialist, media buyer, creative director, media sales representative, and public opinion researcher.

Careers in electronic media/radio-television/broadcasting, such as broadcasting station manager, community relations director, news director, technical director, advertising sales coordinator, and news anchor.

Careers in journalism, such as reporter, editor, newscaster, copywriter, and technical writer.

Careers in public relations, such as publicity manager, advertising manger, marketing specialist, press agent, lobbyist, corporate public affairs specialist, fund raiser, and audience analyst.

Careers in business and communication, such as executive manager, personnel manager, industrial and labor relations representative, negotiator, director of corporate communication, newsletter editor, communication trainer, and human resources manager.

Careers in education, such as student life personnel, educational administrator, school/university information specialist, director of college news, director of a collegiate information center, college admissions director, and college recruiter.

Careers in government and political-related careers, such as legislative assistant, campaign director, program coordinator, lobbyist, press secretary, legal researcher, and elected official.

Careers in technology and communication, such as trainer for communication technologies, systems analyst, technical copywriter, cognition researcher, audio and visual computer display specialist.

Careers in health and communication, such as school health care administrator, hospital director of communication, clinic public relations director, medical training supervisor, and communications manager for federal health agencies.

Careers in international relations and negotiations, such as corporate representative, student tour coordinator, foreign relations officer, and foreign correspondent.

Careers in social and human services, such as public administrator, social worker, human rights officer, and philanthropic representative.