Bryant University. The Character of Success


Careers in education, such as student life personnel, educational administrator, school/university information specialist, director of college news, director of a collegiate information center, college admissions director, and college recruiter.

Basic Communication Courses

COM 202 Public Speaking

COM 203 Introduction to Communication

COM 362 Advanced Public Speaking

COM 390 Communication Research Methods

Interpersonal Communication Courses

COM 270 Interpersonal Communication

COM 280 Introduction to Health Communication

COM 363 Communication and Conflict Management

COM 365 Language, Culture, and Communication

COM 366 Intercultural Communication

COM 367 Small Group Communication

COM 380 Nonverbal Communication

COM 471 Advanced Interpersonal Seminar: Health Communication

COM 471 Advanced Interpersonal Seminar: Family Communication

COM 473 Gender and Communication

COM 474 The Darkside of Human Communication

Mass Communication Courses

COM 260 Media Literacy

COM 272 Mass Communication

COM 460 Advanced Media Literacy

COM 461 Advanced Public Relations

COM 463 Innovative Communication Applications

COM 472 Media Effects

Electronic Media Production and Writing Courses

COM 242 Basic Studio Production

COM 358 Video-Mediated Communication

COM 451 Writing Articles for Publication