Bryant University. The Character of Success


Careers in technology and communication, such as trainer for communication technologies, systems analyst, technical copywriter, cognition researcher, audio and visual computer display specialist.

Basic Communication Courses

COM 202 Public Speaking

COM 203 Introduction to Communication

COM 285 Special Topics in Communication

COM 390 Communication Research Methods

Interpersonal Communication Courses

COM 270 Interpersonal Communication

COM 473 Gender and Communication

Mass Communication Courses

COM 272 Mass Communication

COM 285 Special Topics: Computer Mediated Communication

COM 370 Media Organizations

COM 463 Innovative Communication Applications

COM 472 Media Effects

COM 478 Mass Communication in a Global Village

Electronic Media Production and Writing Courses

COM 242 Basic Studio Production

COM 243 Field Production and Editing

COM 251 Written Communication

COM 332 Broadcast Journalism: Research, Writing, On-Air

COM 343 Narrative Filmmaking

COM 345 Documentary Filmmaking

COM 351 Writing for New Media

COM 355 Print Journalism

COM 358 Video-Mediated Communication

COM 442 Advanced Television Production

COM 443 Script to Screen