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The Department of Communication Reaches Across the Curriculum

This spring, the Department of Communication alongside the student organization, The Podium, will organize the 3rd Annual Public Speaking Colloquium. The event began in March of 2009 when 40 students competed for the title of Bryant's best public speaker. The idea was conceived by the Department of Communication in recognition of the fact that it's become increasingly critical in the digital age to improve the oratorical skills among the student body if we expect them to experience personal and professional success throughout their lives…and major companies agree.

Last year, the Hanover Insurance Group sponsored the 2010 colloquium allowing for bigger cash prizes which encouraged more participation. Over 50 students signed up for the second year and a substantial increase in applicants is expected for this year's program. Hanover will once again be the main sponsor. Additionally, students who participate in the event receive a "Crash Course in Public Speaking" handout which has proven to be an excellent resource in presentational classes and for job interviews. Another wonderful resource for Bryant students is The Podium – a student organization which meets weekly and allows students across disciplines to practice speeches and get constructive criticism from the group's members.

Any student who is interested can contact Todd Stewart, the club's President at Students interested in signing up for the Public Speaking Colloquium can email Professor Susan Baran at Finally, information about any of the Communication/Media organizations such as the Communication Society, WJMF Radio Station, The Archway, or the Media Production Club can be obtained through the department Chair, Wendy Samter, at