Bryant University. The Character of Success


The Department of Communication is proud to focus our Student Spotlight on Celina Cotto. Celina is among our most ambitious COM majors. She has double minored in Business Administration and Marketing. As a graduating senior with an impressive GPA, Celina has spent her four years at Bryant as an active member of the community, participating in a number of student organizations including Student Ambassadors and the Multicultural Student Union. She has now set her sights on graduate school with a primary interest in Media Literacy. This summer, Celina will be representing Bryant as a panelist at the 2011 National Association for Media Literacy Education Conference in Philadelphia. When we asked about her experiences as a Communication student, she said, "Much of my growth can be attributed to my decision to become a Communication major. The classes I've taken have provided me with the extensive knowledge necessary in preparing me for future challenges and professional endeavors. The professors have demonstrated so much passion for the discipline and have kept my excitement for the communication field alive. In turn, I hope to educate others about the importance of critical thinking and its relevance to productive citizenship." Congratulations and good luck, Celina!