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Internships in Communication

An internship in communication provides students an opportunity to gain practical experience in a professional setting by applying communication skills, concepts, and theory to occupational roles. The internship allows students to apply their classroom experience in a variety of occupational settings. The internship enhances the overall academic experience for the student because it is an extension of the classroom. 

An internship benefits students because:

  • It helps you define your occupational communication interests and areas of expertise.
  • It refines and challenges your understanding of how communication in organizations works.
  • It provides an opportunity to receive experience working in an industry of interest to you.
  • It allows you to list your professional internship experience on your resume.
  • It gives you industry contacts that may increase employment opportunities.

The internship is a cooperative effort among the student, the employer, and the communication faculty member who supervises the internship. Interns typically work at least ten hours per week on the job, meet regularly with a supervising faculty member, conduct research related to the employment field, and prepare a report on the work experience and studies involved.

Click for a list of the communication internships Bryant University students have completed.

For more information on the communication internship program at Bryant, please visit the Amica Center on Bryant’s website.