Information Systems

Business managers have come to rely upon computer-generated information as a critical resource in the decision-making process. Bryant University recognizes the importance of information technology for all levels of management and provides a Computer Information Systems curriculum that is both challenging and relevant.

Computer Information Systems at Bryant

Computerized business systems, digital communications, the Web and mobile commerce are mainstays of information processing activities in business and public organizations.

The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology is one of three business degree programs offered through the College of Business. Students may also choose to pursue a concentration or a minor in Computer Information Systems.

Knowledge of computer information systems is useful in all majors, and the department’s dedicated faculty, small classes, and innovative technology provide students with the latest skills and knowledge in this constantly evolving field. 

An IB major with CIS specialization

Bryant's International Business program, ranked 16th in the nation by Bloomberg BusinessWeek, is one of the few in the country offering concentrations in business functions, including computer information systems.

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Catching up with Michael Bourgeois '08

CIS major is now an IT business analyst with Merck Millipore, working with global teams and building relationships with people from different backgrounds and cultures.

Educators from around the globe share research about IB at RI conference

The Academy of International Business selected Bryant to host the conference because of the University's strong International Business program and outstanding work by Bryant IB faculty.

Kyle Ebersold '14: Leaving Bryant on a high note

Bryant gave him a chance to blend his passion for music with his interests in business and technology.

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

As applications of technology expand, the need for people with in-depth expertise and know-how increases. The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree provides a program that combines traditional computer science courses with knowledge of business management and financial practices. Students can apply their technical skills in a variety of areas.

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The Concentration

Students who concentrate in Computer Information Systems can specialize in information technology management, programming, or Web and information technology security. They will learn to define problems, develop systems, construct applications and do analytics to meet a wide range of professional opportunities in the information systems and technology field.

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Is a CIS minor for you?

Business people throughout the world rely on technology to complement and maximize their professional effectiveness. Regardless of your major, pursuing a minor in CIS will prepare you for the increased role that information technology plays throughout the business world, with the skills to acquire, manage, and use information to solve business problems.

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