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The Department of Computer Information Systems offers the following programs.

Concentration in Computer Information Systems

Computerized business systems, digital communications, and the World Wide Web are critical to understanding and processing information. Students who concentrate in C.I.S. learn to define problems, develop systems, and construct applications to solve critical business needs.

The Bryant curriculum also provides a solid foundation in business administration and liberal arts to give students the skills and background necessary to achieve success as computer information systems specialists.

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Minor in Computer Information Systems

Technology is an integral part of nearly every business profession. Business people throughout the world rely on technology to complement and maximize their professional effectiveness. The C.I.S. minor is designed to enable students to prepare for the increased role of information technology in the business world.

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Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

As the applications of technology expand, there is an increasing need for people with more in-depth technology understanding and skills. The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (B.Sc.I.T.) degree meets this need. This academic program addresses the application of technology in business and in human endeavor, as well as the creation of new technologies. Students in the B.Sc.I.T. curriculum offers a strong foundation in business and have the opportunity to apply their technical skills in a variety of areas ranging from hardware and software manufacturing to Web services.

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