Bryant University. The Character of Success

CIS Department Research and Publications

 Professor Abhijit Chaudhury, Ph.D.

  • Global Perspectives on Small and Medium Enterprises and Strategic Information Systems: International Approaches (co-edited with P. Bharati and I. Lee) published by Business Science Reference
  • Knowledge-Based Networks among SMEs: A Model of Institutional Innovation (co-written with P. Bharati) in Journal of Management Systems (forthcoming)

Associate Professor Suhong Li, Ph.D.

  • Empirical Evidence of RFID Impacts on Supply Chain Performance (co-written with John K. Visich, Ph.D., Bryant assistant professor of management, B. Khumawala and P. Reyes) in International Journal of Operations and Production Management
  • A Comparison of Logistic Regression, Neural Networks, and Classification Trees Predicting Success of Actuarial Students (co-written with Phyllis Schumacher, Ph.D., John Quinn, Ph.D., and Rick Smith, Ph.D., Bryant professors of mathematics) in the Journal of Education for Business (forthcoming)
  • Assessing Data Mining Approaches for Analyzing Actuarial Student Success Rate (co-written with Phyllis Schumacher, Ph.D. and John Quinn, Ph.D., Bryant professors of mathematics) in Visual Analytics and Interactive Technologies: Data, Text and Web Mining Applications (forthcoming)
  • A Review of Persistent Reconciling Items between Financial Statements Prepared Using U.S. GAAP and International Reporting Standards for Three Auto Manufacturers (co-written with B. Kennedy and Kristin Kennedy, Ph.D., Bryant professor of mathematics) in International Management Review
  • Applying Monte Carlo Simulation to Determine the Likelihood of Cheating on a Multiple-Choice Professional Exam (co-written with R. DiSario, and John Quinn, Ph.D. and Phyllis Schumacher, Ph.D., Bryant professors of mathematics) in CSBIGS: Cases in Business, Industry, Government and Government Statistics
  • Data Mining for Health Care Professionals: MBA Course Projects Resulting in Hospital Improvements (co-written with Phyllis Schumacher, Ph.D., professor of mathematics) in International Journal of Business Intelligence Research (forthcoming)
  • Identity and Communication Style: The Case of the Asian Indian Worker (co-written with P. Jaya and L. Randall) in Insights to a Changing World