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Student Involvement

Arts & Cultural Club

The Arts & Culture club brings an artistic expression and appreciation of the arts to the Bryant community. Not all members are artists, but we welcome anyone with a creative mind and passion for the world of arts and culture.

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Bryant Jazz Ensemble

The Bryant Jazz Ensemble is dedicated to entertaining the Bryant community with rich sounds and exciting music. The ensemble does not hold auditions and encourages any interested student to participate. Although focusing on jazz music, the ensemble also plays variations from the blues, funk, rock, and swing genres. 

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Bryant Players

The Bryant Players is a drama club that provides the opportunity for recreation and experience in acting, directing, & producing. Members will be able to develop themselves while performing before an audience, thus acquiring skill in poise, style, and production. Bryant students produce, cast, direct, and perform three plays and one musical each year.

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Bryant Singers

The Bryant Singers is a group that is open to everyone and anyone who wishes to be part of a singing group on campus who believes in the arts and the joy of performing. Our goal is to express our love of singing and entertaining to the Bryant community and other aficionados of music with a varied repertoire of music.

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The Bottom Line

Members form an elite singing group providing musical opportunity and entertainment for the University. 

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