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The Department of Finance offers the following programs:

Concentration in Finance

The goal of the finance concentration is to develop the analytical and managerial capabilities necessary for making sound financial decisions, either as a manager of an enterprise or as an individual managing his/her resources or the resources of others. The curriculum emphasizes sound fundamentals and state-of-the-art financial management techniques.

Courses integrate economics, accounting, computer software applications, and mathematics and statistics. Students may select elective courses dealing with short- and long-term corporate financial management, securities analysis and investment management, real estate and insurance, and management of financial institutions. The globalization is a major focus in all advanced finance courses.

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Concentration in Financial Services

The Financial Services concentration was developed to prepare students for careers in serving the consumer’s financial needs. The program focuses on the areas of investments, financial institutions and markets, risk management and insurance, and individual taxation.

Students interested in the Financial Services curriculum benefit from expanding their knowledge in other areas including a marketing course in consumer behavior and a law course studying financial institutions.

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Minor in Finance

The finance minor gives students the opportunity to develop the analytical and managerial tools needed for making sound financial decisions. Students can specialize in a particular area of finance (e.g. corporate financial management, investments, financial services, the management of financial institutions), or develop a general finance minor.

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