History and
Social Sciences

Our department advances the study and practice of history and the social sciences through teaching, research, and outreach. The research carried out by our faculty and students generates knowledge rooted in historical and social scientific approaches to the study of the human condition.

History and Social Sciences at Bryant

The department offers courses in four disciplines: Global Studies, History, Politics and Law, and Sociology. Majors are offered in  Global Studies, History, Politics and Law, and Sociology. Concentrations are offered in Global Studies, History, Political Science, and Sociology. Minors are offered in the areas of Africana/Black Studies, History, International Affairs, Latin American and Latina/Latino Studies, Legal Studies, Political Science, Sociology, Sociology and Service Learning, and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.

The faculty

We disseminate knowledge through teaching, publication, conference presentation, and engagement with private and public organizations and groups. In a typical year our full-time faculty publish, in total, several books and scores of articles and book chapters.

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Prof. Enos reflects on her 40 years of civic engagement work

As an educator in the Department of History and Social Sciences, "I try to help students understand all the ways that their lives are implicated in the lives of others.

Catching up with Micaela Maynard '08

Academic and Community Coordinator, Irwin W. Steans Center for Community-based Service Learning, DePaul University

Mariah Lang ’15: A leap of faith, a lifetime of success

Lang thrives by getting involved and stepping into leadership positions. This Student Ambassador of the Year says "taking part in events with prospective students reminds me of how happy I am with my college choice."

Tracks within the Global Studies Major

Global Studies prepares students with the understanding of other countries, cultures, and global interactions necessary to succeed in an interconnected world. Those pursuing a Global Studies major select one of three tracks – Global Cultural Interaction; Global Economics, and Global Politics – and will be prepared for advanced study and careers in a variety of fields.

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Tracks within the Sociology Major

Sociology provides students with a deep understanding of the sociological perspective, its theoretical foundations, and its methods. Those pursuing a Sociology major have two tracks from which to choose: Social Research, and Service Learning. Graduates in either track will be well prepared for graduate graduate school as well as for careers in a variety of sectors.

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Student Involvement

Our department sponsors events and supports a variety of clubs, organizations, and national and international honor societies that offer opportunities to expand upon concepts and ideas developed in the classroom. These include the Bryant Mock Trial Association, Legal Studies Society, and interest groups affiliated with major political parties.

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