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History and Social Sciences Department

As a multidisciplinary department, and the largest in the College of Arts and Sciences, the Department of History and Social Sciences advances the study and practice of history and the social sciences through teaching, research, and outreach. 

Our faculty serve the greater University community in many ways, including serving on major committees and having a high profile at many campus events. Most of our full-time faculty have distinguished themselves in research and publication, and in a typical year they publish, in total, several books, more than 3 dozen scholarly articles and book chapters, and give 3 dozen conference presentations.

The department offers courses in five disciplines: Global Studies, History, Legal Studies, Political Science, and Sociology. The department offers majors in Global Studies, History, Politics & Law and Sociology, as well as concentrations in Global Studies, History, Political Science, and Sociology. Minors are offered in the areas of Africana/Black Studies, History, International Affairs, Latin American and Latina/Latino Studies, Legal Studies, Political Science, Sociology, Sociology and Service Learning, and Women’s Studies.

For information about specific programs, contact one of the curriculum coordinators:  Andrea Boggio (legal studies), John Dietrich (political science/global studies), Brad Martin (history), or Judy McDonnell (sociology)