Bryant University. The Character of Success

Student Profiles of Some Recent Graduates

Global Studies

Katrin Gorham is a Research Assistant at the International Vaccine Access Center of the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health. She works with the AGEDD project, an estimation of disease burden and serotype distribution of meningococcal and pneumococcal disease worldwide. More generally, she is interested in effective solutions to disparities in health, domestically and globally.  She is also starting a Masters program in biology. At Bryant, she was a double major in Global Studies and Environmental Science. She was very active on campus and always interested in learning about and bettering the world around her. As president of Bryant’s chapter of Amnesty International, she led student groups on a week trip to volunteer at a women’s shelter in Peru. She also spent a summer working at the Flying Kites orphanage in Kenya. At graduation, Katrin won both the Global Studies Award and the school’s Good Citizenship Award. She notes about Bryant, “I just can't see myself being this happy at work, in school, and in life had I followed any other path.”

Monika Sattler is a Human Resource Consultant at IFC - International Finance Corporation after having worked at the International Monetary Fund. Monika was a Global Studies major at Bryant and then earned a Masters in Security Studies at prestigious Georgetown University. At Bryant, she worked at the John H. Chafee Center for International Business. Her passion, though, is security issues, so she had internships with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and also the Hudson Institute. Monika did all of this while a member of Bryant’s volleyball team and she is now an active bike racer. She notes that the most important thing, no matter what you do, “is to identify something you are passionate about.”



Alyssa Bowen has spent two years in Spain on a grant through the Spanish Ministry of Education to assist teachers of English in public schools in Spain. She is responsible for assisting in grammar and English language conversation and teaching Spanish students about American customs, traditions, and culture. Her first year was in a small, country town next to Portugal in the region of Extremadura, while her second year is in Valencia, Spain's third biggest city. Currently she is applying to graduate school in the field of history. She plans to get a Doctorate degree in some field of International History with the hopes of eventually entering into academia. Her mature interest in history and cultural distinctions was nurtured by Bryant’s emphasis on acquiring a global perspective and the opportunity to travel extensively during her undergraduate studies. She notes, “Without Bryant's aid and encouragement, I could not have explored the world at large and cultivated areas of research interest in my future profession.”

Peter Connors is in his second year of Teach For America. He works for the Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Education, at Pueblo Pintado Community School. It is a K-8 school in Pueblo Pintado, New Mexico. He taught 4th grade reading last year, and took a new position as a data analyst/standardized test coordinator/interventionist for this academic year. After graduating from Bryant with a History and Global Studies degree, he lived in Peru for the summer, then worked with National Geographic on tourist cruise vessels. He has long-term plans to return to graduate school. Meanwhile, he notes that his history major and inclusion in the Phi Alpha Theta history honor society were important job credentials.  He writes, "sometimes, I think it is amazing that I went to a business school and left with a degree in history, but I wouldn't have had it any other way."


Politics and Law

Kaitlin Sidorsky winner of the 2010 graduation award for political science is currently completing a PhD program in Political Science at Brown University with a full scholarship and stipend. Her research focuses on women in politics with an emphasis on the media’s effects on the running of female candidates. At Bryant, Kaitlin majored in Politics and Law and concentrated in Literary and Cultural Studies. Across these varied courses, she was an active participant in class discussions and wrote a number of strong papers. Two papers she originally wrote for classes-one on the rise of executive power in the United States and England, and one on the role of the U.S. First Lady- were later presented at the Northeast Political Science Conference in Philadelphia and the New England Political Science conference Newport.

Joe Robertson completed a double masters program in Public Administration and International Relations, with a focused on global security policy, national security policy and counterterrorism, at the #1 ranked Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University. While there, he also earned two Certificates of Advanced Study in Middle Eastern Affairs and Security Studies and studied abroad at a counter-terrorism school in Israel. Upon graduation, Joe interned at the Defense Intelligence Agency, being granted a Top Secret Clearance and is now entering the U.S. Army. As a major in Politics and Law at Bryant, Joe interned at the office of Senator Jack Reed (D-RI), the R.I. Attorney General, and the Rhode Island State Police. He also conducted research with Professors Boggio and Holtzman and won the 2009 graduation award for political science. According to Joe: “All of my graduate and professional successes stem directly from the Politics and Law program” at Bryant University. 



Micaela Maynard was a Sociology service-learning major and is now a Program Coordinator at DePaul University with the course development team, which works to identify potential service learning courses and supports faculty and community partners. She develops and organizes mutually beneficial service opportunities between students and community organizations as well as leading the course research process to streamline and create efficiency in the progression of developing courses. Micaela served as an AmeriCorps VISTA through Illinois Campus Compact at the Steans Center for two years.

Melanie Unwin graduated from Bryant in 2011 with a Sociology major and began work at Greylock McKinnon Associates (GMA) as a Research Analyst. GMA is an economic consulting and litigation support firm that provides services to a diverse group of domestic and international clients in the legal profession, the business community, and government agencies. She uses accurate quantitative analysis and qualitative checks as the last person to see the final deposition/declaration and it is imperative that everything contained in the report is faultless. She notes, "Bryant did an excellent job of academically preparing me for this job; through my Sociology course work I developed strong writing and editing skills as well as the ability to think outside of the box when it comes to problem solving. On a daily basis I am required to demonstrate my quantitative and qualitative skill sets- both of which were developed and fine-tuned through my course work at Bryant."