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The Department of Marketing offers the following programs:

Concentration in Marketing

Marketing involves the identification and selection of markets, analysis of consumer and organizational needs and buying behavior, forecasting of anticipated actions, product planning and development, packaging, pricing, logistics, distribution, selling, advertising, and sales promotion.

Students who elect to the concentration in Marketing will understand how to successfully position a product or service from start to finish through sound marketing principles, an understanding of technology, and strong communication skills.

The Marketing program curriculum also provides students with the tools to help for-profit and not-for-profit companies become successful by creating long-term relationships with consumers.

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Minor in Marketing

The marketing minor is designed to give students a business perspective that is market-oriented. Most modern organizations operate under the basic premises of marketing: customer-orientation, organizational integration, and long-term orientation.

Students can select courses to gain knowledge in specialized areas of marketing such as sales, advertising and research or develop a general marketing minor.

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