Bryant University. The Character of Success

Research and Publications

Stefanie L. Boyer, Ph.D., assistant professor

  • Research Opportunities in Supply Chain Management in the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

  • Efficient Utilization of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Technology: A Self-Directed Learning Approach in the International Journal of Business Innovation and Research

  • Developing and Encompassing Definition of Supply Chain Management: A Qualitative Study in the International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management

Michael Gravier, Ph.D., assistant professor

  • Antecedents to Reverse Auction Use (co-written with T. Hawkins and M. Wittmann) in Supply Chain Management: An International Journal

  • The Dark Side of Innovation: Exploring Obsolescence and Supply Chain Evolution for Sustainment-Dominated Systems (co-written with S. Swartz) in The Journal of High Technology Management Research

  • Identifying Opportunities to Manage end Reduce Healthcare’s Most Controllable Cost Area: Logistics and Supply Chain Management (SCM) forthcoming from the IBM Center for the Business of Government

Sukki Yoon, Ph.D., assistant professor

  • Feeling Happier When Paying More: Dysfunctional Counterfactual Thinking in Consumer Affect (co-written with P.T. Vargas) in Psychology & Marketing (forthcoming)

  • ‘No More’ Leads to ‘Want More,’ but ‘No Less’ Leads to ‘Want Less’: Counterfactual Thinking When Faced with Point-of-Purchase Discounts (co-written with P.T. Vargas) in the Journal of Consumer Behavior (forthcoming)

  • ‘Fish out of Water’: Understanding Decision Making and Coping Strategies as Second Language Consumers through a Situational Literacy Perspective (co-written with M. Viswanathan, C. Torelli and H. Riemer) in the Journal of Consumer Marketing (forthcoming)

  • Advertising Creativity in Korea: Scale Development and Validation (co-written with B. Kim and S. Han) in the Journal of Advertising (forthcoming)