Science and Technology

Our dedicated faculty and quality facilities prepare students for science-related careers and graduate studies. We emphasize basic and applied research, technological applications, and international experiences because our objective is not merely to accumulate knowledge, but also to develop commitment and take action.

Science and Technology at Bryant

At the undergraduate level, we offer courses in biology, chemistry, physics, and biotechnology to students pursing a major or minor in biology or environmental science, a minor in biotechnology, or a concentration in forensic science.

At the graduate level, we offer courses leading to a Master of Science in Global Environmental Studies and a certificate in sustainability practices. 

Students and faculty work side by side on original research. Recently students and faculty have explored the effect of climate change on marine life in Narragansett Bay under a National Science Foundation grant. Working with faculty from MIT and Yale as well as from Bryant, they have analyzed soil and fossil samples from China and the Canadian Arctic. 


An 8,300-square-foot complex supports our department's work. It includes three wet labs and six individualized research labs. Equipment includes a variety of mass spectrometers, a high-performance liquid chromatograph, a solvent extractor system, and high-powered research microscopes.

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Growing a community of emerging scientists

Majoring in Biology or Environmental Science at Bryant means small classes and faculty who will join you on a journey of discovery – one in which you will realize your strengths and passions through programs tailored specifically to your interests.

Caitlyn Witkowski ’11, ’14 MSGES: Growing as a research scientist

Conducting research around the globe in partnership with Bryant's science faculty has given her the opportunity to explore, travel, and "understand myself."

Jessica May Vickers ’14: Nurturing a passion for sustainability innovation

Bryant's individual attention, multiple research opportunities, and the option to personalize her major bring Vickers a step closer to career as a chief sustainability officer.

Programs in biology

Students interested in following a path in biology have several options within our department:

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Our faculty are innovators in the classroom as well as the laboratory. They are internationally-known researchers with diverse backgrounds in biology, with special expertise in pharmaceutical science, immunology, biochemistry, cell biology, protistology, biotechnology, bioimaging, biological modeling, and neurobiology.

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