Bryant University. The Character of Success

Research and Publications

Kirsten Antonelli, Ph.D., associate professor

  • Immunological techniques for the study of cancer and its treatment

Brian Blais, Ph.D., associate professor

  • Modeling of brain processes and statistics 

Gaytha Langlois, Ph.D., professor; Dan McNally, Ph.D., associate professor; Julie Crowley-Parmentier, lecturer

  • Impact of oil pollution and analysis of bioremediation techniques 

Qin Leng, associate professor

  • Anatomy and morphology of terrestrial plants, paleoclimatological studies of modern and fossil higher plants, management of endangered plant species 

Christopher Reid, Ph.D., assistant professor

  • Carbohydrate-based antimicrobial drug discovery and development of new tools and processes for glycoengineering

Hong Yang, Ph.D., professor, and Angelyn Phillips, lecturer

  • Geochemical processes, organic and isotopic composition of modern and fossil plants and the implications for understanding climate change and global warming